You found me!

My name is Gilles LeBlanc, known on the Internet as ROCKthusiast. You may have seen my handiwork on Alan Cross’ A Journal of Musical Things, or Chill Magazine when it was around. I’ve also been published in Canada’s biggest newspaper the Toronto Star, and some people apparently still remember me from when I wrote for Consequence of Sound.

Not only do I love making playlists in Spotify, I am borderline obsessed with adding relevant context (i.e. why these songs are important), and spreading said “ROCKthusiasm” for lack of a better term.

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I’ll try to try to keep my Jack White fandom to a minimum. While he’s obviously created his fair share of great music, the number of awesome artists who have inspired him are innumerable, almost as many as the ones who continue to keep the spirit of rock and rock alive.