Sign the Petition for Oasis to Just. Reunite. Already!

Noel & Liam Gallagher are running outta time in terms of a reconsolidation

It really doesn’t feel like it’s only been ten years since one of the more infamous breakups in music history. Les frères Gallagher were about to headline a festival in France with Oasis when the proverbial camel’s back finally broke. The dustup probably wasn’t any worse than the thousands they’ve had over their lifetimes, but it was obviously enough for primary songwriter Noel to call it quits.

From ever working with a family member again, that is. It didn’t take long for Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds to take flight, a more than vanity project which has already produced three UK number ones and hasn’t adversely affected Noel’s reputation as one of his generation’s all-time great lyricists. His best melodies tend to have an edge to them that match his rough-and-tumble roots while harkening back to classic British pop rock of the ’60s and ’70s. Oasis had eight number ones by the way including the Time Flies best-of compilation, but “Whatever”.

Our kid Liam has tried to keep up the pace, hastily releasing a pair of post-dissolution albums under new band moniker Beady Eye. They had “NME Stage at Glastonbury” potential, but just couldn’t catch on with North American fans, possibly because Liam and his mates chose not to play any songs that were “familiar to millions” on their first go-around. Unlike Noel, who was crooning “Wonderwall” right from the get-go of HFB’s existence. The brattier brother struck record gold with As You Were in 2017 though, achieving a level of success that makes you – and him more importantly – believe his career is far from over. If you’ve never watched the excellent Oasis: Supersonic, have no fear as Liam has a documentary on his comeback triumph in the offing, as well as another solo effort produced by Greg Kurstin (of Adele’s “Hello” fame).

Mr. Kurstin coincidentally worked with Foo Fighters on their last album Concrete and Gold, which the latter group are still touring behind two years later. At the most recent Reading Festival, Dave Grohl and Taylor Hawkins surprisingly shouted out longstanding friends the Gallaghers, asking the massive Little John’s Farm crowd if it wanted to see Oasis play one more show for old time’s sake.

Oh, and I also took the liberty of starting a petition suggested by the almighty FOO:

You’re welcome; I will happily accept VIP tickets should this initiative come to pass.

The list of Oasis songs performed in concert most often by “Potato” Noel or the supposed “Fat Man in an Anorak” throughout the 2010s is an eclectic mix of obvious hits (“Champagne Supernova”, “Live Forever”, c’mon you know the words as well as I do), plus some solid stuff from the 2000s that flew slightly under the radar such as “Little by Little” and “The Importance of Being Idle”. The lads have never been shy busting out B-sides live, with many tracks becoming just as popular as their radio standards on account of them being collected and released on The Masterplan. Even if the two principals have all but disavowed the overhyped Be Here Now, the catalogue Oasis is able to draw from would they agree to #JustReuniteAlready is truly staggering.

If nothing else, as of August 29th the requisite amount of time needed for consideration into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame will be fulfilled, an honour Oasis deserves. Not maybe, definitely!